Monday, January 30, 2012

Sassy Cheryl's Challenge # 99 Blue & Brown

Happy Birthday Carol Hood. It is late, but not to me, as we have celebrated your birthday for so long as April is so hard to change. You will just get two cards from me!!  That isn't so bad, is it?

Busy week, but my card is finally done.  Now I just have to find time to get it in the mail!!

Greetings to all from West Palm Beach, Florida

Tried to post to the challenge, but I guess is closed early---  or they received enough entries and had to close.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #59

Happy day before the new Show Me!!  

On my desk...well not my desk, because that is upstairs!! Kinda moved to the dinning room table, because my desk is too full with a baby album that I am in the middle of!!

  I have a card ready to mail....paint samples that I have to choose a color for a wall near the kitchen. The red & blue paint chips are for a project I hope to get to soon. (NO, I am not painting a wall Blue & Red!!)
 I can't tell because I may have nothing for next week show me!!!!

 Way to the left is my new PortHole Magazine. I am saving that for our trip to Orlando on Friday.
 Attending the PGA show with Mac & Brendan. Brendan is coming down from Isle of Palms, SC.
YAY...I get to see a lot of our missed friends....And see Brendan too!

Any yes...I can't forget my moose!!  I attended a seminar given by Anchorage, AK Chamber of Commerce. He is a thank you gift for attending. 

So much to do.....and I had to go back to the place I had my oil change to have them reset my maintenance light!  I sure miss Jennifer (Jeni) and Lavin cars. This is the second time I had to do this....
I think I have learned. I am not leaving until I know that my light has been reset! 

Have a great day...  Janetlynne

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sassy Cheryl's Challenge # 98 Winter Blues away!

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For all those tired of is 80 degrees and sunny here!!
This is a easel card I made for a co-worker.
So so short....New week....Busy already!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #57

Happy New Year to all..... 
My first project of the new year....Baby mini album. Staying away from the baby colors (pastels).
 I will be sure to post the finished project.
 I moved to South Florida for the warmth?  Sure is cold here in West Palm Beach....

I went to a ship inspection on Tuesday to Orlando, FL.....It was COLD there. We toured the Disney Dream. It was beautiful. We saw many of the Characters... Just amazing, well worth every penny. And to all those like me.....There are adult only areas, where the kids are not allowed!! Don't think that since school is in session, there are no kids!!  That ship is FULL every sailing.

The ride to Orlando (Port Canaveral) was about 2 hours. We had lunch in the Enchanted Garden and headed home. The next day we played catch up!!

Heading to the office early today, as there is a sales meeting this afternoon, and as it is, there isn't enough hours in the day!!  
Wow- I didn't realize how many people are cruising...We get 800 plus email requests for information per day. It is just impossible to talk to everyone. Our phones ring nonstop. Prices change within the day sometimes 2 or 3 times. Of course never down, just up. 

Happy New Year to all.....I am going to try to participate every week this year!