Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Crop ~ Reunion

Every year Sarah, Sharon and I would scrapbook. It was always in the fall, before the holidays set in.
This year we thought we would all get together again, this time in Virginia at Sharon's house. 
I flew from West Palm Beach, Florida, and met Sarah in Atlanta. 

What an exciting weekend. Even though it was nothing like it had been in the past,  but we did have fun.. 
Sharon has a great scrapbook room- see below

On the way home...I didn't make it through security! I had this cute mouse cheese knife ! 
I forgot about it completely. Sarah told Sean that we are scrapbookers and we really needed his picture with the cheese knife so that we could scrap our experience at the airport. He said sure- my mom scrapbooks and she has lots of this stuff, pointing to all my paper, dies, and markers etc. 
So below is the mouse who caused all the excitements and laughs at the airport.

I just finished the first layout....For this trip.

This past weekend we hosted an Engagement Party for Brendan and Danielle in Charleston.. I will get that posted soon. 

Have a good evening,