Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Challenge # 63 Bows

Well the underlining went away, along with the TEXT! I can't believe I am rewriting this whole thing. Now there is a black dot!!

Well.... I finished my card early this time. I am liking this little girl...
I am in the middle of packing. I just can't believe how I accumulated so much stuff. I can open my own scrapbook store!! I am thinking this all happen the last time we moved. All or most of my scrapbooking supplies were in storage, so I bought everything I needed... I am finding stuff I didn't know I had!! I am organized now. I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!

My refrigerator is FINALLY being fixed. The compressor that came last time was damaged in shipment, and it had to be reordered!! It is finally here. I can have ice tonight..and Cinnamon the kitty doesn't have to have his fish in the wine cooler anymore. Now that he finally stopped sitting by the refrigerator waiting for fish, and has moved across the room to the wine cooler....
We had a bad storm two nights ago. I went to the garage to get something out of the garage refrigerator, and some how Cinnamon got in the garage without me knowing it. Cinnamon slept in the garage all night. I had one upset kitty in the morning.!!
Now I am waiting on my POD....and it has arrived!! Now I have to fill it!


  1. I love this image of the little girl! Such a sweet card!

  2. Where can this image be purchased?

  3. Hey. You weren't alone on the retyping. I did the 'Cliff Notes' version this time. UGH!
    Your card is GORGEOUS, Janetlynne! Love, Love, Love that polka dot bow!

  4. Awh! isn't she having such fun on the beach.. so pretty in these soft colors.. love the dotted ribbon, matching her dress! Darling card!
    So glad you joined us this week for the Sassy Challenge!

  5. Beautiful Janetlynne! I am ready to choke "blogger" too.Totally messed us all up this week. Poor Cinnamon....hope you gave her extra kitty treats. ~jeni :)

  6. Your card is beautiful. I can feel your stress. It sounds like it is time for wine! Poor Cinnamon.

  7. So pretty and soft looking.
    Thanks for joining us at Sassy Cheryls this week.

  8. adorable, I love this image
    Thanks for joining us at Sassy Cheryls

  9. This is one of my all time favorite Sassy images and you've done a fabulous job with her!
    Thank you for joining us this week at Sassy Cheryl's!