Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #28


Here is what I am working on. I am actually getting some scrapbooking done. It is a 2 page layout of a scrapbooking crop with my friends Sarah & Sharon, who I miss. This is when I knew that we would be moving, and I wouldn't be able to scrapbook with my I called in sick! We had a wonderful day together.
The top picture is of my plastic boxes of my treasured supplies.....the supplies that actually made it through the "down sizing"!
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  1. Fun layout, Janetlynne. Sometimes we have to remember our Priorities, huh?! LOL!

  2. Great layout to look at when you are missing them Janetlynne. Look at you all organized. Hahaha ~jeni :)

  3. Shame on you! Calling in sick to scrapbook! hee hee!
    It's lovely! And I don't blame you. Best to spend time with people that you won't see and to have a good time and create memories!
    Thanks for sharing again this week!

  4. Look how organized you are.. I miss you and that day!! We always had great crops.

  5. Oh what a great idea and great memories. Love the organization, but I don't like the idea of downsizing craft supplies at all.