Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scrapbuggy Challenge #1 Alphabet Challenge

This is my completed layout for scrapbuggy Challenge. The challenge is to make a layout revolving around a letter in the alphabet! I chose the letter "S"

Challenge #1 is an Alphabet Challenge. The rules are simple.
1) For this challenge, you'll do a layout, any size.
2) Choose a letter of the alphabet and guide your layout around that letter.

So here you go:
Scrapbookers,Sarah,Sharon,Silly,Smiles,Scissors,Stitching,Scarlet Brads,Stripes,Script Font,Stickers,Strip of paper,Shinny paper,Sign,Sparkling rhinestones,Salmon paper,Sage paper,Sea foam green paper,Sweet baby pictures,Seven arrows,Squares within an arrow, &
Sick Day Crop(Title). (23)


  1. Great layout!! Thanks for playing with us at Scrapbuggy!

  2. Thanks for playing! Love the layout! Great job on the challenge.

  3. Wow, Janetlynne! Great job on the Alpha challenge! Love the layout and you really kicked "S" -- haha!! Thanks for playing!!!

  4. Looks like a fun day Janetlynne! ~jeni :)