Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #42? lost track!

My weeks fly by....I did manage to complete some Halloween treat holders.......if anyone wants the tutorial, let me know I will search, find, and send!

My new home away from home. My new office....loving my new career. It is in Delray Beach, Fl......about 20 minutes drive from West Palm Beach... about the same as I was driving from Little River, to Myrtle Beach.... Reeds Jewelers.....and NO musty mall! And I now have hot water... and that is just the beginning!

the view at break time.....

My husband surprised me Friday night.... he sent me an address, and asked to meet him after work....
He went to school with a guy who owns the Old Key Lime House in Lantana, Fl

We were invited to cruise on his Tiki Boat. It was a nice cruise that took us down the Waterway Boynton Beach, Fl... He invited us to dinner....what a wonderful surprise.

Our turnaround point. Boynton Beach, Fl At the Banana Boat & 2 Georges restaurants.

Today is my Skype day....I get to talk to my brother and his children. We catch up with what we both did all week........

Now that today is my day off......It will involve grocery shopping, taking my husband's lap top for service...and if they say there is no hope or it is not worth it to me to put more money into it....I will be buying a new one!!

Happy Week to all.......

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  1. Janet Lynne, I know exactly where you're talking about. We used to go to Boynton Beach on vacation when I was a child and when I was doing corporate training, I taught some classes in W Palm Beach and ate at the Old Key Lime House. Great place, but betting the Tiki Boat was even more fun. Glad to know you're settling in, and love the view from your office.

  2. I'm SO jealous Janetlynne! What a great view and hubby is such a sweetie with his wonderful surprise. I'm sure you enjoyed your Skype time with your brother and children. Isn't that just the greatest thing ever!
    Thanks for sharing again this week in the SMThursday fun!