Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's ~ Show Me # 35

I have so much to show you this week....My husband had to work all week, so no excursion days....

I started and completed our 30th wedding anniversary cruise from 2009! It was our cruise to Bermuda from Charleston, SC

On Sunday I wanted to go house hunting, but my Realtor didn't have houses ready for me to to make me feel better, I also took a ride out to the local scrapbook store to take a look at their QK (Lifestyle Crafts) Tropical release....I had already received the ones I ordered. I thought I could see the ones I didn't have "in person". You will see the adorable palm trees I got, and have already used below.

I made the coconut card at their "make & take"....The drink umbrella is one of the new dies. The coconut is just made by a circle, that is cut off. Let me correct that.....I tried to make the "make & take" card there.....I needed "my tools" My atg gun, and my pop dots, and my I re-did it at home.... AND MADE IT BETTER!!

Below this coconut card is my recipe swap.....Not due until the middle of August.....but all done. I originally was going to use the houses that I have been coloring off and on for weeks now....but didn't. Instead I used them on my Cruise layout.

The last Picture is of Cinnamon. He just loves to watch out the window. We have a sliding glass door that looks over the golf course. He likes to watch the mowers, the big white birds, and any lizard that is brave enough to climb up to the third floor balcony! I do keep the blinds closed to keep some of the heat out of the condo, but that is no problem for Cinnamon!

This weekend we are taking an excursion to Naples, Fl. We have visited Naples many times, as my husband's mom lived there for years.


  1. Yea on getting all the Cruise scrapbooked, and I loved coconut drink make and take. The recipe cards are wonderful too. You're keeping busy while waiting to find a house.

  2. WOW! You have been one busy girl! I'm sure you would've rather been house hunting though so you can get a PERMANENT crafting space, but you sure are doing fantastic things with the space that you have.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture with the cat behind the blinds. Too cute!
    Thanks for showing your space again this week.

  3. What a project to get a scrapbook done on your cruise! Totally like your recipe cards. Your cat tail...too funny...catch ya on my blog I hope...Tootsie