Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #34

Good Morning- Happy Show Me! I am have been enjoying the Bugaboo Challenge this week. The theme is Christmas in July. I just need to be careful...I can't get burned out so early. Christmas is not my favorite Holiday...(Retail killed that for me!)....but is fun to get those snowman out, especially with the hot weather.

Watching HGTV, and coloring.....and hoping I will find a house here in South Florida. I just wish the people here would have listened to HGTV, and cleaned, uncluttered, and made their home presentable for the camera....Really different than are just not neat, and clean....they don't even clean them up for the pictures!
Just below are my house images again...I am hoping to get the change of address cards done soon. I signed up for a recipe swap....crazy huh....but I think I will use this paper and the house images...hmm I need 3 embellishments...and I have to do 7 of them....

Maintenance people for this condo gave us a 2 day window to upgrade the shower shower head ...they have come and it is done.....
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Back to my coloring.....and now that my day is free....may just go to pool....


  1. Oh, I'm just loving these two little snowmen. Cooled me just a little looking at them. :)
    Love the way you've colored them. Know what you mean about the houses. People just don't get it! :) They don't understand that it takes longer to sell when it looks like crap.
    Thanks for showing what you're working on. Always fun!

  2. The first thing one sees coming to a home is the yard and then the door way if those are not clean you might as well know what to expect inside. Also if you cant see it...dig in and see what is beyond the hidden! Paint, cover plates and molding cover problems. Its like buying a used car...find out the past of the house.
    Love your creativity...Tootsie

  3. Janet Lynne, I needed those snowmen today. I've spent a lot of time in the Ft. Lauderdale area in years past working, and I hated being down there in the summer. Sorry the house hunting isn't going well. They don't clean them, but they don't want to give them away either do they?

  4. I hate to be disagreeable, BUT I really don't want to see snowmen in July! We Alaskans only have about 2 more months of summer then the snow appears again. Truly, we have snow all year long and we don't have to go far to find it!! LOL! I do feel the pain of your triple digit temps since I grew up in the south. I look forward to seeing the change of address cards, Janetlynne.

  5. Sorry about the house hunting woes. I can't even stand the thought of going in and out of houses right now. Our heat makes me hide in the air conditioning. If I ventured out to shop for a home and it had not even been cleaned - I would be really, as we genteel Southern Ladies say, quite Put-Out! .) Hugs Janetlynne.