Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me # 36

That time again......Sassy Cheryl's Show me... I can't believe it has been 36 weeks since we started doing this....I love to see what everyone is working on and to be able to show my friends what I am working that I am so far away from my scrapping buddies. Join the fun.

I finally finished my snow and the sand layouts from the snow fall the beach had February 13, 2010

Coloring in the living room/scrapbook space....Cinnamon sits with me on the sofa, while I color....

I did my challenge card, and sent it to a friend that is expecting.

AND......I went on a search for a paint chip....the color I wanted was Seafoam Storm... I found it...even though the sales clerk says...sorry we don't carry that anymore!! I wasn't going to give up! I am gathering ideas for our new home. I am going to have to start a new album for our new home...
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  1. Janetlynne, you have some great stuff going on at your space! I love the album for your new home idea.

  2. Tell ya what. Those photos of the snow at the beach are gorgeous! What a breath taking site.
    I love the name of that paint. . . .Seafoam Storm. Glad you were able to find it. Save the chip now, so that if you can't find it again, it can definitely be mixed. I bet you're really anxious to find a home and get started making it your own.
    Thanks for showing 'whatcha' got goin' on, Janetlynne!

  3. The snow at the beach is such a great oxymoron. Love the pictures of the snow on the palm trees. Love the house book and had to go back to see if you'd found a house. Love the color Seafoam Storm.

  4. Wow, you have been busy this week Janetlynne! Those colored images are great. Thanks for sharing.